Can leave dates show on payslips in Reckon One Payroll and on a report?

Jodie_10004988 Member Posts: 28

For RTWSA purposes we often need to send them copies of payslips for a claim and they need to see dates of any leave taken. Payslips in Reckon One show leave taken but not which dates it applies to.

Each pay day, the dates of any leave is added to the payrun assuming that this information can be picked up in a report or on a payslip but I can't see anywhere that this is recorded?

Also, we have previously used Payroll Premier and were used to customising reports to what we needed. We also regularly used a leave report which listed each employee and what leave they had taken and when over a period of time specified. Is there any chance you may be implementing this for Reckon One Payroll. If not, we may need to look into changing to another payroll system if we can't get this type of information from reports.