How to import bank and credit card data into Reckon One?

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[1] my book start date is 1-Jul-2022

[2] I have set up data feeds with my bank and credit card accounts

Then I select "Bank Accounts" under the Banking group of functions but under each month for the period 1-Jul-2022 to 30-Jun-2023 there is no data. Why?

If I select "Bank transactions" and select Transactions for AMEX I can only see transactions for the period 5 May-30 May 2023. The feed is therefore working but where is the rest of the transactions going back to 1-Jul-2022?

Similarly, my ANZ-Savings Account only has data from 3-Feb-2023 to 1-Jun-2023. Where is the rest of the data going back to 1-Jun-2022?

My ANZ - Cheque Acc which I don't use much has all the data going back to 1-Jun-2022.

Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you