Payroll leave issues

bao dang
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I have some strange issues with my leave accruals. I've talked to support and they weren't very helpful so I'm hoping to get answers here.

In my employee section under leave remaining, he has 7.9 hours. However when I run the leave report, it shows he is -113 hours!

If the report is correct, it means I've paid him much more than he is entitled. I have not been able to figure out his actual accrual hours are as I've been told by support that I would have to manually add up all his payslip hours, of which there are hundreds! How can the software not be able to display the number of hours worked!? or how can support not be able to find this information?

I've asked support whether my setup of leave entitlements is correct but they were not able to tell me.

Currently my AL setup is 152 hours annual entitlement, rate 0.07694. Acrrual period is per time worked as his hours can change from week to week. I believe this is the correct setup but I'm not sure if the accrual hours are correct based on the discrepancies between the report and under the employee tab.

Any help??