Can I import a csv file into Reckon Accounts Hosted?

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Long story short, I currently use Reckon Desktop and Simpro (a third party workshop programme that currently imports data into Reckon Desktop on a daily basis.) I need to convert to Reckon Accounts Hosted online, however Simpro do not provide a data link for the online version of Reckon. Can I import a csv file of bills, invoices, suppliers, customers etc on a daily basis into Reckon Accounts Hosted.'Really hoping someone can help me out here. Phone support couldnt help me... problems with knowledge and communication.


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    @Richo Unfortunately not 😣

    I have an RA Enterprise desktop client myself, who also uses Simpro & trialled Hosted but had to go back to desktop because of this.

    There may be a 3rd party developer who can create something for you though, possibly @cosmic or @PhuongDo might be able to help ? Would you know @Rav ?

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    Hi Richo

    Cosmic can easily export any bills or tax invoice if it is in pdf format to RAH, we already have Reckon using cosmicbills to export bills etc , this is bills automation using OCR and AI technology.

    However if you want some one to build a tool to import, that we have done for desktop version and can be done for RAH

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    Thank You @Acctd4. I am happy to manually send csv files over to Reckon Hosted each day if it means not having to setup and learn Xero accounting. Is this an option? The phone support tech told me I COULD import csv files but I wanted to double check due to difficulties with communication.

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    Hi @Richo

    Reckon Accounts Hosted will accept importing data however it requires the IIF file format, it won't accept CSV. My friend @Datarec_ReckonLtd came up with an alternative method however its fairly manual and dependent on you creating a regular workflow process to action it when required.

    1. Move to Reckon Accounts Hosted
    2. Install Reckon Accounts Enterprise Desktop ➡ RAH customers are entitled to a complimentary single user copy of Reckon Accounts Enterprise.
    3. Integrate SimPro with Reckon Accounts Enterprise Desktop
    4. The QBW file will need to be copied between the Hosted Q drive (or shared folder) and a local destination on your PC ie. download it the company file from Hosted
    5. Once the file is on your local computer, it will be placed in a known folder location and opened in Reckon Accounts Enterprise.
    6. SimPro can then import what it needs to into the QBW file that you've got in Reckon Accounts Enterprise.
    7. Once the import is done, that QBW file can then be UPLOADED back to the Hosted platform and placed in the correct folder location to REPLACE the QBW file that is there.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

    @PhuongDo would you have any integration solutions that might cater to @Richo's requirements?

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    Hi Richo, I've been importing invoices to ReckonHosted using Phuong's solution. He's really helpful and super quick response with his support help whenever i ran into trouble too.

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    I forgot to mention that the file format is in excel that i import into ReckonHosted.

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    Thank you for your responses @Chet, @Rav, @cosmic. I am trying to remove any dependency on the desktop version of Quickbooks, so the option of continuing to use the desktop to update the online version is not hopeful. If am looking at importing an IIF file each day from Simpro to RAHosted, however there only seems to be options to import customer, supplier, item and account. Is there no options for bills, cheques, invoices etc?

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    Hi @Chet & @Rav for mentioning me.

    Hi @Richo, I have a free solution that offers transaction import but it is quite basic. If you want a fully built customized solution for you, let me know.

    I will also add the free function to import entities into RAH in the future soon so it can help people like you who want to import from CSV/excel every day.