Annual leave hourly rate incorrect on Salary earner

Kerri Member Posts: 15

I have an employee on Salary ($75k) which works out to be about $35ph.

Last week she took some Annual Leave and it added it in as $39. I changed it manually and processed it.

This week I started the draft for the next pay period, and added annual leave only for it to automatically add it in as $39 again.

I'm confused. Where is it pulling this from?

I checked that Leave Loading wasn't included (it's not, and Reckon lists leave loading on a separate line anyway). I figured Reckon must've pulled that figure from the last time I paid her leave, so surely finalising last week's pay would mean this week it would "copy" the new figure? - Nope, reverting to $39.

This doesn't happen with my other permanent employees - it picks up the correct base rate from "Ordinary"... is the problem because I have her pay item listed as "Salary" (the $75k) but effectively paying her the 38hr week at $35ph? Is reckon making some calculation somewhere?

I rang customer service/tech support and honestly wasn't that impressed with the answers. They're looking into it further (supposedly), but given he didn't seem to know some things about the program that I did - I thought I'd put it out to the community in case someone else had had the same issue and knew the fix.