First payrun in STP2

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Not happy!

Completed all the steps to migrate employees across to STP2, casuals seemed to work OK but part timers all had errors, software wanted their standard hours.

Well, there are no standard hours, these change fortnight to fortnight.

In the old software having a zero worked OK and this is a good check as if they don't work then there is no default pay for the staff member.

But now it seems that a number is required, WHY?

Perhaps this is why their leave balances didn't update this pay?

Also, why does the ATO need a contact phone number?

Never needed this before and it isn't an ATO requirement.

Anyway, completed the payrun and lodged with ATO but with errors - A notification must exist in Access Manager for your software provider before attempting to transact. Contact the ATO or use Access Manager to notify the ATO of your hosted SBR software service.You will need to provide the following details:software provider name and/or their ABN and Software ID.

So, has the SID changed?

Even though it is shown as registered in the Software ID section of Settings?

If so, why is there no note about changing this before submitting?

Also, just started the second payrun, first staff member has personal leave and I have to add a pay rate?? WTF?? Why would the pay rate for leave be different to their normal time?

As per first line, not happy...