Leave liability summary versus leave liability report

Jenny Byrne
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Looking at leave liability summary and leave liability report is ok at eofy. The next pay for one employee has added 2 lots of 6.15 hours for annual leave ( only on leave liability summary) The employee gets paid travel allowance and I pay that separately and tick do not accrue time. The other employees are ok. I have never looked at the leave liability summary, only ever used leave liability report. I have been back and checked that I did tick do not accrue time when I just paid his travel allowance, nothing else. it changed on the first pay run after eofy. I dont know how to fix it. The personal leave is also changed by 5.84 hours (2.92 x 2)


The issue is as at 22.06 hours are 178.40 (CORRECT) and next date 06.07.23 is a payroll entry for his travel allowance and as I said before I ticked do not accrue. Bit loathe to delete and redo because that was the first reporting to ATO as STP2.