YTD Totals

Lambert Kitchens
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I am in the process of checking all the data from Payroll Premier against Reckon Payroll.

Very few of the details relating to the employees came across and in the instances where they did, they were incorrect so we have spent time (and money) entering these details which should, in our opinion, have been migrated correctly as part of the process.

I have checked all the employees and have a problem with one. The problem is -

The YTD gross for one employee does not agree with the 'summary'' of all monies paid to this employee. I cannot work out why and have checked all his details numerous times. We have not been able to complete the migration for this reason.

I have exhausted all avenues finding why the gross amount in the summary for this employee is almost, but not quite (by $2000 Approx), out. I might add that this employee's tax, superannuation, and salary sacrifice amounts are correct.

Any suggestions? Should I delete this employee and re-enter all of his details or will this cause more problems?

Need to resolve this asap as we have lost confidence in the migration process and the product!