Shares exist without Lots Records

I have Newcrest - now Newmont shares in three different broker accounts.

To allow for the Newmont takeover, I did a stock split of one new for 2.5 old, and changed the anme and code. Thsi allowes for Capital Gains Tax rollover relief.

With two accounts I could easily adjust for the rounding - by adding / subtratcting teh fraction, but on the third account, there were no lots present. So I coudl not compelet thsi action.

I ahve delted all the purchases a,d added them back after tirung the compuetr ona nd off, and still there are no lots present.

The portfolio report reflects the number of shares [including the fraction] and the price and cost, but NO LOTS.

That means my capital gains tax report when I sel lthem will be wrong.

How do I regain the "LOTS DETAIL?

Thoughts anyone?