restoring backup from Personal 2011 to personal plus 2022


My hard drive died. Of course I couldn't instal my Quicken personal 2011 by Reckon. I had to purchase Personal Plus 2022 but I am unable to restore a backup from Personal 2011. All the back up files types have automatically changed to "Reckon Accounts QDF data file" but I am unable to restore a back up.

Can anyone offer any suggestions for how I can get the backup to restore.

Cheers, Saara


  • sje057
    sje057 Member Posts: 2

    Further to my question, finally managed to get it restored.

    Another question, the file is still seems to be under the personal 2011 format. I thought it would update to the newer version. Happy to have not lost all my data but wanted more bang for the $205 I had to spend espcially as it is now a yearly fee.