Cant add the liability accounts

Zappy Accredited Partner Posts: 5,305 Accredited Partner Accredited Partner

Ive set up a new book for my practice.

Ive run the pay for the current period

When I select mark as paid I get an error message

"Please select a contact for the ( payable or receivable) accounts

I'm trying to set up the liability accounts for the payroll liabilities and the PAYG withholding

The system is not saving the changes

I cant move forward unless I can save this detail

Is this a bug?

I looked in the help files


Call me Kevin +61407744914


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,190 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi Kev,

    I think this is something we'll need to get across to our devs to closer investigate.

    My good buddy @Lucas will give you a call shortly for a chat and arrange access to your book so we can get the ball rolling on getting this sorted for you.


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