ATO is down or Reckon SBR is unavailable

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  • Ben Loke
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    Hi Rav,

    I just noticed since we moved across to the new Reckon Payroll App that the 2 payruns have all had error statuses appear against them with the attached message (see screenshot). Do you know what the issue is? Is there a known issue with Reckon? I don't believe there is any issues with the ATO as I've been doing my BAS regularly through their portal. Is there something I need to do for it to submit?

    The last payrun I just did today went through ok.

    Many thanks,


  • Rav
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    Morning @Ben Loke

    That error message usually means there was an issue with the ATO's SBR2 service at the time of your submission. SBR2 is the ATO service that handles STP transmissions sent from software providers like us, to them.

    This error can occur when there's an unintended issue or the service is down for maintenance.

    Usually, I'd recommend just sending through the submission again, however based on your screenshot since you've already sent a more recent successful submission your YTD balances will have already updated.

    (Employee balances sent in a STP submission are reported by YTD only).

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  • Ben Loke
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    Great thanks for confirming Rav