Entering opening balances into new book

WendyF_10842044 Member Posts: 1

I have returned to Reckon after a break of a few years and I am loving the current R1 but am struggling to get a new book set up.

I am struggling with being able to enter opening balances. I want to have totals for 30/06/2023, print reports (still trying to get tax finished and have useable general ledger) then process full detail for current financial year. There are a high number of zero balances I want to appear on trial balance and balance sheet as they had transactions for 2023.

I was excited to see journal availability but so far I have managed to get only 1 journal posted. If I process say 10 rows and balance to opening balance equity, it won't post. With zero balances or with an amount. I just managed an entry with 2 debit amounts and that posted, so if I need to proceed 1 or 2 accounts at a time, then so be it. That is still hit and miss as to whether it can save. I am trying to have a positive amount and not just zero balances.

Thankfully I don't have A/R or A/P.

Any suggestions other than proceed slowly? And try again and again?