Wanting to upgrade from QB 2012-13 to Reckon Accounts 13 or 14

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QB is installed on a virtual 2008 server which is running on a 2012 server running Hyper-V (full install not core)!

The VM and data file are located on a raid 5 partition which I understand can be an issue in itself!

This was done to consolidate several servers into one server and that QB doesn't run on 2012 Server or SBS 2011 (found out the hard way)! QB runs ok when in single user mode and very slow when using multi-user mode!

My thoughts are to install Reckon 13 or 14 (if available) database manager onto the 2012 server directly hence avoiding using a VM! Also there is one drive bay free in the server which we could install an SSD drive to locate the data file on!

Any thoughts would be wonderful!

cheers,  Scott


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    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your query in our community. 

    Also thanks for your detailed info of your current environment. That helps us a lot! 

    Coming to the point, Reckon Accounts is designed to be installed on the primary partition and Database Server Manager can be on the server where the data file is saved (either on local or another File Server).

    Having said that, although your environment hasn't been tested, but I don't see any issue with it.

    By the way, Reckon Accounts 2014 is available now. Please check our website or call Customer Service 1800 RECKON (732 566) to find out if you are entitled for a Free upgrade (available to our Current Advantage Customers) or you need to purchase the upgrade. Please ensure your Customer ID is handy before you call.

    If multi-user is slow, then ensure no more than 1 PC/VM is Hosting multi-user access (File > Utilities > Click Stop Hosting if it says so, if says "Host" means it's stopped already) and you have followed the Firewall configuration settings on all PCs/VMs. Check this KB: http://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=220

    For general slowness issues, please check this KB article to see if that helps you.
    KB: http://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=3793

    Try doing what you have suggested you'd do with RA 2014. Please let us know how it goes. It will help our future customers with similar configuration may be. Hopefully others may give us their own suggestions as well and help each other out.


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    Haven't upgraded to Reckon Accounts as yet however I got QB running fairly good in multi user mode!

    The dada file hadn't been backed up for some time and it was also very fragmented (146)!

    Ran a backup then defragged the server hdd and the data file fragmentation is now 4

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    Thanks Scott for sharing this with us.

    Good to know fragmentation  has lowered now. Always make regular backups for your safety and to lower fragmentation, another method is to do Verify, Rebuild (File > Utilities), Create Portable backup and restore that backup. For regular maintenance of the file, do Verify and Rebuild at least once a week. 


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    I did a full Verify when running the backup! I will keep the maintenance schedule up. I scheduled the server hdd where the data file is located to be defragged every night!

    The data file is copied to another location every night so I guess that's why the backup hasn't been getting done...

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