Why do BAS fields still show Zero?

Robyn HearnRobyn Hearn Member Posts: 2
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I am using quickbooks pro 12/13 and I am doing a BAS for the first time, after configuring, it has all zeros. I have check that all accounts have the correct tax codes and I have checked that the BAS has the correct linked accounts. I have looked at the tax summary report and it has all the figures on it but I just cant get the BAS to update. Please help


  • SusanRSusanR Accredited Partner Posts: 43
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    Hi Robyn, 

    When you configured the Simplified BAS Report in Accounts and linked the tax codes to the BAS labels, did you also check the reporting date range?

    This is can be found by navigating to drop down menu Reports > Tax > Simplified BAS/IAS.  Then click Config in the bottom left and check the dates on GST Configuration, PAYG Instalment and PAYG Withholding.

    I hope this helps.

  • Robyn HearnRobyn Hearn Member Posts: 2
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    Awesome! Rookie mistake, I assumed the year was the financial year not the actual year. Thank you for your help!!!
  • Kent MarshallKent Marshall Member Posts: 1
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    I have this problem also and yet I have the correct date range entered on the report. This has happened since I upgraded the laptop and reinstalled Reckon with a back up of my company accounts. I get the correct fields for the other reports such as the Tax liability and Tax summary reports but just all Zeroes in the BAS report.
  • Linda WilsonLinda Wilson Member Posts: 3
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    I am having this problem too - I have just renewed and moved to hosted. Did you ever get a response from reckon?

  • Suzanne LockwoodSuzanne Lockwood Member Posts: 110
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    Hi Linda,

    Have you re-linked the GST codes to the BAS labels?

    Suzanne Lockwood

    Reckon Accredited Consultant

    [email protected]

  • Linda WilsonLinda Wilson Member Posts: 3
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Hosted - problems with BAS link report. BAS link does not calculate although the tax liability report does. I have recently renewed and moved to Hosted. I have changed the dates etc in the config on each tab and all the balances reported as zero. Please advise.
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