Upgrade on POS and Reckon Accounts Premier 2013.

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I need to upgrade to Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2014, but we also have Retail POS 2012/2013. I have the installation key for Reckon Accounts but nothing for POS. Can I upgrade one without the other?


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    Hi ya Maya

    If you are want to keep using Pos, you can stay with the two you have ..... but if you 'need to' upgrade Reckon Accounts then you will have to upgrade the POS too, as they both have to be the same year.

    Angie Carlyle

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    Thanks Angie. Which one do I update first? and I can't seem to find the upgrade disc for POS. We run 2 computers on POS, Can I ring and get any installation keys I need?
    An email i got says it is recommended to upgrade my Reckon Accounts 2014, once I install it, before 26 June as a we use  payroll also and there are further tax changes in the new financial year. I know i have left it a bit late.:( 
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    Maya, I would love to Help you guessing from your statement you are in Aussie and I a kiwi so I am not sure of the rules over there so I recommend that you could look into contacting a Reckon Consultant who specialises in POS in your area the best way to do that would be on this website... http://home.reckon.com.au/support/Home/ReckonSupport/FindAReckonAccreditedPartner.aspx or you could contact Reckon directly on 1800 RECKON and they will put in touch with a consultant /help you with your install Cd/ download of program and get you a Installation Key code for each program. cheers Angie
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    Hey Maya,

    Angie is quite right with the thorougher information she has provided. I would contact customer service on 1800 RECKON to obtain the IKCs.

    Regarding upgrades, you would first upgrade Reckon Accounts. POS does a system scan to ensure the version of POS you are installing is the same as the current installed version of RAB.

    Hope this clears things up a little.

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