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I have Reckon Accounts Pro 2014 with the bundled payroll program. I have created my first pays for my employees from last week, and now I would like to create the pays for this week using the same hours as last week for each employee since they don't change very often. I don't want to have to re-key the hours for each employee every time I do the pays. How do I get the payroll program to prepare the current week's pays using the hours for each employee from the previous pay as a default?


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    Hi Chris,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Yes, you can do what you want. When you prepare the pay for that employee make sure you click on the Save & Close button at the bottom of the Review or Change Payments window.


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    Employee Centre>Edit Employee>Payroll and Compensation Info. Add payitems to be paid each week at what rate. >Employement Info. Add standard weekly hours
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    Hi Chris Go to Edit - Preferences - Employees & Payroll - Company Tab Make sure you Tick "Copy earnings details from previous Pay Cheque" & tick "Recall hour field on pay cheques" If you are using Weekly Timesheets, one you have Employee nam & correct pay week dates, you can click "Copy Last Sheet" to copy hours worked in the previous week, you can edit this if only one day is different. Regards Carolyn Carolyn Long | Bookkeeping Trainer | Reckon Accredited Partner| BAS Agent | Regional Qld | [email protected] or 0434 163 266|
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    We have a number of staff that work permanent hours ie. 76 hours and 4 hours Overtime. Is there a way that this can be memorised to come up automatically each pay? 

    I don't want Reckon to remember the hours a casual staff member worked the week before though because this always varies. 

    Not sure if Reckon has the capability to do this?

    We are moving to a Face Scan payroll system where we will be importing timesheets from this program into Reckon so I don't this this will be an issue then but it is still a few pays off. 

    Thanks, Rosie
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    Hi Rosie,

    Thank you for your post.

    Ensure you have got "Use Time data to create paycheques" unticked in the employee's card > Payroll and Compensation info tab. Enter all the hours in the Earnings section and when you create new paycheques, Reckon Accounts will read this info for this employee. You might want to add this info only for the permanent employees.

    I hope the above helps.


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