After upgrading to 2014 Accounts AU R3 I can not email certain forms

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In 2014 Accounts AU R3 I can not email certain forms, any that go through the Select Forms to Send window - they just don't appear in the list, I can preview them when creating.  I am not getting an error message.  eg Payslips, Customer Statements.  I am in a single user environment and am able to send invoices and other forms.
Any help very much appreciated.


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    Please follow the document below

    Send Forms list is blank and there are no Payment Summaries to email.


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    As per the email I sent you on the 16th July (to which I have not received a reply) - I had tried this suggestion before posting it here - it did not work then and still hasn't.
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    Hi Finance Officer,

    Just so I can make sure I am understanding the problem, if you click on File > Send Forms is this list completely empty?  If so, just to make sure the problem is what I think it is can you create a dummy invoice with any customer, any item, for any amount, and tick the box "To be emailed", and save and close the invoice.  Then click File > Send Forms, if the invoice doesnt show up, then the problem is due to corrupt emails being in that list and you need to clear them out.  This is done by opening and closing the Send Forms window until that dummy invoice shows up.  It may take many times of opening and closing Send Forms, but until that dummy invoice shows up the problem is still there.  I cant tell you how many times to open and close Send Forms, just keep going until the dummy invoice shows up, then you can start emailing again.  You can also delete the dummy invoice after that.

    If its a different problem let me know exactly what it is.  Thanks.  Good luck, let me know how it goes.

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