Just logged into Hosted in the new environment and the files lost three years of transactions!

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Just logged into Hosted in the new environment and the files lost three years of transactions! The company file is dated today, but when I opened it, it asked me to approve 52 memorised transactions, many of which are no longer active. Then, I looked at the cheque account and the last transaction date is 2011. I suppose this is a 'teething problem' is it?
What a crock!


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    Hi Michael,

    Please go back to your Q: via open company file and look for all file types... have a really good look at all the files and folders till you find your company file with the most recent date.

    all your work will be there. 


    If you are still having trouble finding it, feel free to contact me, I can Remote access in and help you. 

    Or contact reckon  on 1800 RECKON or a local reckon consultant

    Angie Carlyle
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    I have a similar issue. Checked the Q drive and the files which I opened last time were not there. Opened all the companies listed (all old) nothing more recent than 2011. Agreed, what have they done with the last data file?
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    If you are able to log in, then you can upload your most up to date backup and start from there.
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    Hi Michael, Jim, Pam and Samantha,

    Sorry to hear you are having this problem.  Your latest accessed company files are there, but in your cases you will need to look in other directories within Q drive.

    See our post at: https://community.reckon.com.au/reckon/topics/update_on_accounts_hosted_issues_11_august_2014
    and the item:  The new version Accounts Hosted opening an old version of your company file.

    Hope these steps get you into your company files quickly.


  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited ConsultantSally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant Accredited Partner Posts: 648
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    Hi All,

    I can reassure you that Reckon did take backups of all data before the migration. So if your data is not correct, you will need to contact Reckon and they will be able to reinstate your correct file. I do apologise for the inconvenience that it causes, but it will definitely not be lost! I have already had one client have theirs reinstated, so I know it's possible!

    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])

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      Sorry, but your reference just doesn't help. It says nothing basically except 'if you cant find your up to date company file then contact tech support'. I have searched every folder and drive I can see and it's (they are) just not there. Call tech support? No thanks. I did that with the first file I opened, spent two hours talking to the guy, often having to say the same thing three or four times and in the end his solution was to 'escalate the issue'. 
    I asked him at that point for a few important bits of information like, was he transferring me to someone else? When was my issue going to be looked into? who do I talk to next? were 'they' going to call me back? When? the answer to each of those questions was 'no I'm just going to escalate the issue'.
     I then asked to talk to someone who new what they were doing and within a few minutes, I was told the problem was fixed. I was not able to find out how the problem was fixed so I have three more company files that I'm now too scared to touch. 
    I know at least one file was out of date because we were working on it the day before the upgrade and that is not reflected in the file dates.
    So, the Tech support is not inspiring confidence here!
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