still problems!

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We have today had some success with logging in today with a couple of our licenses but not all, however seem to be getting kicked out from time to time which is rubbish and some of these times we have long extended waits to get back in!

When we are in, we find that thinks like mouse cursor is missing and when pressing the "TAB" key it acts like we are pressing the "SHIFT+TAB" key and the selected field goes backwards.

Sunday and yesterday i thought were just simple teething issues with a new system but today I'm convinced that reckon have launched a system that was not properly tested nor ready for launch. not really good enough!!!! is there anyone out there that seem to be having a good experience with this new system???? 


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    I have trouble connecting but once on (using Google Chrome) it appears to work ok, although I do get logged out for no reason.  I was lucky and my files were there in my Q drive even though i didn't back up on Saturday. Am I the only one who didn't back up properly and/or didn't read the email saying to.  I back up regularly but I just assumed that the roll out would be like when they update the tax tables and i could back up in old system first before starting in the new.  I lucky that my files were there!!! 
    The smaller view is taking awhile to get used to and so is the new print function.  I haven't tried to cut and paste yet so can't comment on that.  
  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited ConsultantSally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant Accredited Partner Posts: 648
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    Hi Glen,

    I have heard there is an issue with what seems like the Shift key is being pressed permanently. So if you keep this in mind perhaps try that?

    I too hope it will all be fixed soon (and I have been advised that many of these issues were not there in the beta testing, it has happened in the live environment).

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])

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