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With all the very interesting response to the latest release one wonders whether we should move forward or roll back to the Citrix model ( which worked well) and allow all of the users to operate in an effective manner again. This is now day three of hand ring and stomach turning operations. I have a payroll to run and at this rate we will be a month behind. The system is not ready, is not stable and provides the user community a heartbreaking experience.

Provide me a operating stable platform or roll back to one that works  


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    I agree. We can't keep waiting for a system to maybe work. I have no data in my file since the beginning June and dispite my constant calls no help has been forthcoming. Infact, i was told that they will not even look at my problem until they have sorted the log in issue. Tell that to all my staff waiting for their pay. I would be intersested to know how widespread the missing data issue is.
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    Please rollback.  No one can work like this.  I got up at 5AM this morning to finish something I couldn't get done yesterday due to system slowness and unresponsive.  I'm still struggling.  My tab key started going backwards, my mouse wheel didn't work when reviewing a large report.  This is a nightmare and costing companies money. It logged my out in the middle of entering an amount.

    On occasion I have had to kill the process to get my machine back.  Something is terribly wrong.

    RECKON, you didn't get this right, and not a word of explanation from you

    PLEASE PLEASE roll back until you get this sorted.

    I will join the class action and will also be contacting a Xerox consultant to assist with moving my accounts.

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    Missing data issue looks like it is widespread, we are missing all data since 30 May and I think I will give all our employees Reckon's phone number to complain when they don't get their pay on Friday.
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