Enter Bills problems

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When entering Bills, I used to be able to Tab to the next field. Since the "New Experience" I cannot do this. Are others having the same problem?

This is just one of the many problems we are encountering, including difficulty logging in and staying logged in, cannot insert or delete a line in a journal, taking an age to build a report, unable to enter new suppliers, black blocks on the screen (and also when you print a report).......and the list goes on, and probably more that I am yet to discover.


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    Yes I have this drama too, means you have to click in the field that you want to be in, sooooooooooooooooo time consuming! I think I am going to go insane.

    That coupled with the fact they have lost one of my three company files!!!!

    Will it ever be fixed, I dread logging on now as I wonder what will greet me each morning!

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    I also found that my tabbing went backwards! So Pressed Shift and Tab, which at least made the tab go forward. But then randomly it starts going backwards again. I am a touch typist and don't watch the screen, so am getting myself in to all sorts of trouble. Had a date of 22/4/95 instead of an amount of $224.95! I have complained direct by email to customer support, Attention CEO. Maybe if we all inundate them with direct emails they might eventually listen.
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