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Which Web Browser should I use with Hosted?

Whilst Hosted is compatible with all the major browser as per our Browser Compatibility post, it is important to mention that running on the latest version of your favourite browser is highly recommended.

Are you running the latest version?

Running the latest version of your favourite browser will ensure it meets the needs of the latest technology behind your Reckon Accounts Hosted service. Updating to the latest version of your browser in many cases will help optimise your experience. You can find the link to the download page to the latest version of your these browsers, which are compatible with Reckon Accounts Hosted: Not all browsers are created equal

Just like we each have our favourite brands, bands, athletes and cars, we also know they are not always the ones that perform the best. This also relates to browsers, we’ve found our customers on the new Reckon Accounts Hosted are recommending the latest version of Google Chrome, as it seems to handle resource hungry web pages better. We have tested on all the major browsers, and they have all come out okay; but from user feedback it seems like Google's little baby just has that little bit of extra grunt that gets it over the line.

I hope this helps.


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    Mirko, browsers are inherently unstable and insecure, vulnerable to 3rd party bits and bobs and to a large degree updated rarely by the simple end user, and entirely dependent on the whim of their providers who are an unusual assortment of some of the biggest commercial organisations on the planet, advertising dependent types and other entirely not for profit open source types. can you please explain to anyone here interested how the RECKON corporate thought process arrived at the conclusion that this was a genius idea not fatally flawed from the very concept?
    PS As far as I can see to even stand a chance of a stable platform that might last to the next tea break, you almost certainly need to pick your RECKON browser choice and then allow it to monopolise that browser, using it exclusively for the single purpose of running the RECKON Hosted software that you subscribed to on the basis that it was a stand alone cloud app which opened securely in it's own environment after installing the correct whatever it was, no big deal... Then you need a 2nd browser installed to do anything else like surf the web, online banking, watching youtube while boss isn't looking etc... as you yourself note, browsers drain resources from your device, all of them, even Chrome...Please comment.
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    idea not direct response. Please reference the new topic here: Browser Idea with Hosted
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    Errr... Running RECKON in one browser and doing everything else in another wasn't intended as a good idea MIRKO... Being forced into this kind of heavy handed work around is a very very BAD Solution. Nathan's post which I read earlier only served to highlight to me the inadequacies of the new "Hosted in Someone that may or may not be Trustworthy's Browser". Would you mind answering the questions I posed about how such a decision could possibly have been arrived at? many thanks.
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    Hi Ceo,

    I think its time we gave you a call regarding your many concerns.

    Can you please email your Customer ID and contact details to [email protected]

    We will be in touch,
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    I have had a big improvement changing to Chrome from IE on a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit network.  No dropping out and much faster.
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    Well I'm completely frustrated over the whole episode.  Have been talked thru what to do by the tech, hours after...still no different, havent been able to log on.  That's my scheduled 'bookwork day' gone with a pile if undone bookwork on the desk.  Could Reckon please give me a note for the Tax man, I fear my BAS will not be done on time
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    Hi there. I have a Mac at home and a PC at work. I use Chrome on both. The short cut keys don't work on the Mac but they do on the PC. Are there any suggestions how I can get the short cut keys to work on my Mac? Thanks very much.
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    Hey Fee, try; fn + ?. This Apple support note may help, it runs through corresponding shortcut keys on a Mac when running windows based software. ^Mirko.
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