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Reckon Person Plus 2015 upgrade. (Disc)

Colin John MorrisonColin John Morrison Member Posts: 1
edited August 27 in Accounts Hosted
I am currently downloading Quicken Personal Plus 2015 Upgreade. When I have completed this task and completed upgrading my 2013 software, in the intructions it keeps referring us to an install disc. Once we have upgraded to 2015, is Reckon going to send this disc to us as you did when I purchased 2013 from your Australian Office? Please advise? Regards, Colin Morrison. [email protected]


  • craisincraisin Member Posts: 4
    edited September 2016
    The email states:

          "Your copy of the latest version can be downloaded from the members area of the
            Reckon website, or you may also request a DVD for installation." 

     I personally just went with the download and all installed beautifully (in spite of a false Trojan alert).

    I would not worry about the disk (just takes up space and adds another thing to madly search for at times, and another thing to throw away next year). Provided you store the downloaded file on an external hard drive (as backup) and store your Installation Key somewhere safe, you will always be able to re-install when required.

    I guess Reckon are just trying to cut down on postage!.......Poor Australia Post! :-(

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