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Personal 2011 upgrade to Personal 2015 - Moving Supa account from "Asset" to "Investment"

FiNaRFiNaR Member Posts: 12
edited August 2020 in Accounts Business Range
Hello all,

I have just downloaded the trial version of Personal 2015 to see what's new compare to Personal 2011.

I have find it pretty much the same a part the new section called "Investing".

In my previous version I have tracked my Supa as an Asset under "Property and Dept",while the new version (2015) has a specific account under the new section "Investing".

Is it possible to move my already tracked Supa from "Asset" to "Supa"? I have tried to edit the account, but the option to "change" it is not there... 

any help/suggestions?

Many Thanks



  • PalakPalak Alumni Posts: 61
    edited January 2015
    Hi Ivan,

    Thank you for Contacting Reckon Community.
    Regards to your Query, you can not move or change your Existing Account type to Investing
    But you can create New Account Under the Investing and start all new Transaction under that please

    Hope this would help you

    Thank you
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