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    I've 'batttled' with Quicken/Reckon since early to mid 90's and came to the conclusion many years ago they just don't care about their customers.  I've just returned from overseas and now find I can't download share prices and so found this discussion link.  I'm more than ready to ditch this company so any good experiences with a software program that manages shares, property, bank statements in different entities, please advise.  This has been the WORST COMPANY I've ever dealt with anywhere in the world.

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    If you find any comparable product let me know. You won't find one though. You're not the first or last too look into it.
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    Would the US one (intuit Quicken), say the Deluxe version, work with RA Personal Plus 2013 files?
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    Reckon: you need help.  You make a change like this and you are legally OBLIGED to push it to your customers.  Instead I need to piss around and search for it.

    Waffling on about advantages rather than telling people where to get the damned upgrade in inexcusable.

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    Hi Christopher, all information relating to upgrade can be found here:

    As mentioned above the change was not made by choice, but due to legal requirements.
    On 1 August 2014 the domain, which is currently used to fetch share prices, will become owned by Intuit in the U.S. and we will replace this with a new share price feed in the product using the domain.
    Apologies if any inconvenience has been caused.
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    You might think that.... but...

    Third Party Online Services:

    The Services may contain access to, or features that interface with, third party online services ("Third Party Online Services"). Where Third Party Online Services are available, separate terms and conditions with the provider of the Third Party Online Services may apply. Charges may apply for the use of Third Party Online Services. Except as required by the Consumer Guarantees, access to Third Party Online Services may be withdrawn by Reckon at any time. Reckon does not make any recommendations in relation to the Third Party Online Services or accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage relating to the Third Party Online Services except as required by the Consumer Guarantees.


    Would cost you more to see out a Solicitor to even consult on this for you than the upgrade. Issue here is that software is very loosely defined by Aus Consumer Law and offers far more protection to the Corporations than Consumers/Users.

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    Nope. Intuit aren't even compatible with there own regional offerings. Only option would be to start a new file, and then they might not have access to ASX (don't know that myself). There are third party tools & services which can export data and reimport as IIF, but that could cost you hundreds of dollars.
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    Mirko: I have been in the software game for at least 25 years.  I know that sometimes you need to do stuff.  Reckon have done this BADLY.  Actually I find it hard to believe that you are more than a couple of programmers in a garage you have done it SO BADLY.  Giving me the information in a post in a forum that I never visit is similar to the location of the plans for the demolition of Arthur Dent's house. Read it all.
    As I said: you need to push this to your customers.  You also need to give them time.  That you needed to do it quickly smacks of hopeless incompetence.
    And, for sure, you could get a license from to use their domain at least temporarily.

  • Christopher MillhouseChristopher Millhouse Member Posts: 6
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    You might also put the information at the top of your FAQs.  But no.  Can't do that.  Requires thought.

  • John CampbellJohn Campbell Member Posts: 265
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    I've adopted a position of wait and see. Until something changes:

    • I source ASX price and volume data from a publically available source
    • Scan the .qph file to identify all missing price records (since Jan-2008) and write these as a valid .csv file. (removed 7 years of gaps!)

    • Import these prices into the .qph file, using RPP 2013

    • Rescan the .qph file and directly change the volume records that were imported incorrectly.

    This works for me and when Reckon lets us know what the new improvements are in RPP 2015 I will look at their solution. Until then I have a better solution than what Reckon is able to or prepared to release.

  • Judith DavisJudith Davis Member Posts: 15
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    My PP Plus 2013 nolonger updates the share prices I just go to the ASX and put in the share codes write them down on a piece of paper and then put them into the shre portfolio.  I too am reluctant to get the 2014 PP version.
  • MorgynHastingsMorgynHastings Member Posts: 8
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    Note to all regarding the upgrade: I grabbed it as soon as it was available. Since then it crashes every time I go to do many things.
    I have had an issue logged for 2 weeks with very little reply or constructive help ... One of their suggestions was to run it on another computer to test, however you can't do that as the single license kicks in and kills the program!

    I think reckon have picked up on the dissatisfaction and to stop people jumping ship they have now made it virtually impossible to get your data out in order to take it anywhere else ... as I have discovered that in Home and Business 2015 you can no longer export anything other than Address List and Tax Summary. QIF export has completely gone!

    I too have been a 15 year customer of this product, faithfully upgrading every year ... I have now given up! And am on the hunt for a replacement ... suggestions are very welcome.
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    Export Reckon Accounts data to Advance Desktop Super

    Note: This feature is available to Reckon Accounts Personal Plus and Reckon Accounts Home and Business only.

    Reckon Accounts integrates with Advance Desktop Super. Advance Desktop Super is a self managed superannuation software package designed for professionals in Australia who administer superannuation funds.

    You can export data from Reckon Accounts in CSV format and then import them into Advance Desktop Super. For example, if you are an accountant or a manager of superannuation funds, you can export data from Reckon Accounts investment accounts to use in Advance Desktop Super.

    Does this help or am i being suckered?

  • MorgynHastingsMorgynHastings Member Posts: 8
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    Thanks for the GP Doc ... but I am trying to export ALL Transactions so that I can import them back into a CLEAN reckon Data file

  • Michael SandnerMichael Sandner Member Posts: 24
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    Hi everyone I updated to the 2015 version and everything seems to be working. I did have to uninstall reckon accounts 2013 so I seem to have avoided any problems
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    I did all this last when it happened Mirko, but I noted that all my historical data had gone.  I was told to be patient and to watch this space.  I'm still watching.  I've been using variants of this product since the late 1900's when it was called Cashbook.  If I can find something else I'll be changing to it.
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