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Receive Payment for invoices with multiple tax codes

Sheryl AnsonSheryl Anson Member Posts: 5
edited October 2017 in Accounts Hosted
I have some invoices that include items with two different tax codes - GST and WC (WET & WGST). When I receive payments for these invoices, Reckon will not apply the full amount paid to the invoice and I am left with an underpaid invoice. These invoices relate to the sale of Cider (WC tax code) and associated transport cost (GST).  Even if I manually enter the full amount into the payment field, Reckon will alter the amount when the payment is saved and I am still left with the invoice as being underpaid.
Any explanations or workarounds known?


  • MichaelMichael Alumni Posts: 43
    edited October 2015

    Hi Sheryl,

    Thank you for your post.

    If there are negative figures in the line items in those invoices eg. discount item, it will contribute to the issue of not apply the full amount paid to the invoice.

    How many line items were in that invoice, and what are the item types used? eg. Inventory Part item or Service item

    You can always contact Technical Support or email your Customer ID to [email protected]

    Hope that helps you.

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