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Sonya HerbertSonya Herbert Member Posts: 65
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When I email a purchase order to a supplier I have had on a few occassions the supplier say they never receiver the purchase order (which is annoying and parts are delayed etc) - however I can not go back on my system and check & confirm that the email was sent from my end (I use Outlook Email for the business) - IS THERE A WAY to check the Email was sent when I said it was????? Thank you. 


  • Tiffany BurnessTiffany Burness Member Posts: 28
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    Hi Sonya, i have been advised the only way you can keep record is to CC yourself in, which i think is rubbish because with a software this expense and modern there should be an automatic way of checking. 
  • LisaDLisaD Member Posts: 18
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    Hi Sonya,
    Unfortunately CC or BC yourself in is the only way.
    On a positive note, this does allow you to keep a local copy of all correspondence (assuming you use MS Outlook or similar) to save emails locally on your hard drive.
    From my recent experience with dealing with a client who refused to pay, this backup email was very useful in changing his mind.
    And yes, do take note of Karen's note re alerting your customers.

  • Kay Laws AccreditedKay Laws Accredited Member Posts: 142
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    Hi Sonya, CC & BCC yourself will not prove that the recipient has received your purchase order there is another work around that I use for my clients that will allow you to not only go back to your sent items to see when purchase order or invoice was sent, you can also set up delivery & read receipts. I email invoices to myself (email I want customers to identify with) then I copy & paste invoice attachment in new email & send to my clients customers. Yes a few steps though will give you the result you require. Kind Regards Kay KML Bookkeeping
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    Hey Guys, our developers are looking into means for checking if emails have been sent. As the service is Hosted on third party servers (AWS), this is as simple a task as it might seem. There is an ongoing discussion about this which is quite lengthy where this issue was reported and is updated as more information is available. Thanks.
  • Sonya HerbertSonya Herbert Member Posts: 65
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    THANK you everyone for your comments!

  • Jason KeableJason Keable Member Posts: 9
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    Well i think it's time Reckon FIXED this very important issue! Kay's work around is ok but ridiculous when you reach a larger amount of email correspondence via the system ... 1 client = 1 estimate email, 1 sales order, 1 purchase order, 1 invoice and maybe more!!!!!! HELLO Reckon i hope you take this seriously as your HOSTED version i would expect nothing less? We moved to this for streamlining and remote working our business. I would consider this to be priority 1
  • MirkoMirko Alumni Posts: 2,054 ✭✭
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    Thanks for your feedback Jason. This is being investigated by our Product Management and Development teams as we speak. As soon as I have something more concrete I will let you all know.
  • Jason KeableJason Keable Member Posts: 9
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    Thanks Mirko
  • Elizabeth CogleyElizabeth Cogley Member Posts: 1
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    I hope the issue is resolved.  I really need to confirm that people have received emails.

  • Sonya HerbertSonya Herbert Member Posts: 65
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    AND???? has it been sorted? (this was now 3 years ago & this issue is the biggest pain!!!) - how much longer do we have to wait?? I feel I'd have reached retirement age before this issue is every fixed (still 30 years away!), my boss at the moment is starting to look at other accounting packages instead, unfortunately.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,861 Administrator
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    There is no email log functionality in Reckon Accounts Hosted. To give you an idea of where we're heading, I've mentioned elsewhere in the forum that the Hosted team are looking at replicating the email experience from Reckon One into Hosted. However this is something that requires significant investigation, resources and development among other factors and as such is not a deliverable in the short or medium term at this current stage.
    I appreciate that you raised this thread quite a while ago now and hasn't been delivered and I can appreciate your frustration around that, its an area that we know we're getting a lot of feedback around, and is certainly something we're looking at improving as securely as possible without causing any issues to the other areas of the service.

  • David McDonnellDavid McDonnell Member Posts: 1
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    This is quite a pathetic response from Reckon. We have only converted over and creates issues with our business in knowing purchase orders sent. Almost want to go back to where we were or another provider
  • Michelle MillsMichelle Mills Member Posts: 16
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    Another work around is to use the Print Function but click no to allow printing - your PDF file will open and you can use the Share option, attach in an email using your own email application.

    Now you have an email sent trail and can use the delivery/read receipt option.

    Generally I use the Save As function first and name the pdf to include the document number - ie ABC Plumbing Invoice 1234.

    Again not ideal but another option.
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