INVOICING Customer with hiding Items (for internal uses - stock control)

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When we invoice a Quoted amount to a customer, we only want the QUOTATION item displayed on their Invoice - however to have our stock items controlled & tracked, we need to write on the Invoice (using Items) the consumables, stock products used etc - so we can track how much stock we have in the workshop - BUT not have these items show on the Invoice to the customer.  I have noticed when I purchase a specific item for a customer (not like in the above situation), I'll be reminded that when I'm doing the invoice for that customer that I have BILLABLE items to include - here I can choose whether to put them on the invoice or HIDE (so they are billed but remain hidden off the invoice) - which is fine. HOWEVER in the above situation the items the technicians are using are Consumable Items (cable etc) and are not purchased specifically for any job - it's the van stock/work shop stock, so only option I have at the moment is I do the Invoice copy for the customer, then I do our copy up (with all the Items used on the job - showing on the invoice). ANY OTHER SOLUTION I CAN USE TO "HIDE" ITEMS when adding on the Invoice? Cheers


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    Hi Sonya,

    Have you looked at group items at all? There is a tick box  which says print items in group. Although it may appear on your screen it would not appear on the invoice.

    You can modify the group item as you are invoicing by inserting extra lines when required in the middle of the item.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])

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    OH you are wonderful!!!!! Works perfectly - thank you so much!!!!!
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