How do I make an accountant's copy, as it won't let me access "My Computer".

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I've done the Portable Company file backup, saved it to the Q drive, went to "Open or Restore a Company" and found this file, right clicked my mouse and Ctrl C and when doing to the "Look In" box, under the Computer Directory, it only shows the Q Drive and B Drive, no Local Disk. Please help as I need to send this off to the accountants. thank you.


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    Right click on the start button left click on explore you can see the c drive from there
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    Hi Kelli,

    You need to download the file to your computer. It is not a copy and paste as was previously.

    I have a document on how to do this if you would like to send me an email.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])

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    Yes please Sally. I've sent you an email.
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