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We are using Reckon Hosted version R4. We have run a profit and loss report for April and have found that there are several employees who have their Super and Wages showing in 'unclassified' even though they have been assigned a class for that week. Any idea why this would be happening?


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    Ensure that track expenses by job is ticked on for your super payroll items.
    Also the same if you are suing Payroll Additions type itms.
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    When you first set up a new super payroll item you need to tick the box  "Track Expenses by Job"

    With wages and hourly rates you will need to make sure that in preferences it is also set to 'class tracking by earnings item'

    You may then need to go back and just redo the wages just by re selecting the super item and it should fix it

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    In the NZ version if you select this option This works for the hours but does not work for the company ESCT and kiwisaver, this goes to UNCLASSIFIED so have to have all the track expenses not to split by item so only codes all to one class if assign the whole pay to one class, it has been lodged as a know error. As is a small percentage of the pay have got my client doing a monthly journal and coding the unclassified to overheads rather than spend the time manually splitting out who they go to as they need to split the hours by muli classes for some of there staff

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    In the edit drop down menu > Preferences > Payroll & employees > Company Preferences > is your class tracking ticked to per paycheque or payroll item?

    If per paycheque that may be easier for you to be able to assign per employee.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])

  • Gail Friday Office SolutionsGail Friday Office Solutions Member Posts: 73
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    Hi Sally 
    Not sure who you are replying to if choose the option per item it does not code a class to the ESCT which is part of the NZ super scheme, it always goes to UNCLASSIFIED,
    It does code to a class if select the per paycheck which is fine if don't need to split the hours across classes, it also wont put a class on any additional deductions or payments if in the lower box if choose to code by class.
    I have got my work arounds for the additional payments - need to be done as hourly pay items and not add holiday, kiwisaver etc so enables to add classes per line BUT does not fix the ESCT issue,
    The development team have been aware for a while so I am hoping they get fixed for us kiwis' by the next release as is a real paid for couple of my clients
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