How can I enable the 'Amounts include tax' check box to be enabled automatically in a transaction en

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In case you have wondered how to enable the 'Amounts include tax' option in the (bills, invoices, sales receipt, etc) data entry screen.

Click on Edit menu, select Preferences...

Go to the Tax section on the left hand side

Click on the Company Preferences tab

Go to the Sales figures section

Click on the Gross (Inclusive of GST) option



  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Thanks for the great tip, Inigo.

  • LindaLinda Member Posts: 6
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    For Bills I need this option off, but for Sales Receipts I need it on. This would be better as a personal preference
  • David WitteDavid Witte Member Posts: 1
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    I need the same thing Linda, its frustrating. Myob has this option for either inc or ex tax for both sales and billing, but my company changed to Reckon. Surely they can fix this issue, infact it should be standard? I will give them a call soon and see if they can include this feature in the next update cos I Reckon (pun intended) many users want/need this.

    From David.
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