Can Currency type be imported using an IIF File to import sales receipts?

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I have recently changed my Reckon Hosted file to multi-currency and since then am having issues recording bank deposits.  (Now wishing that I had just manually worked out exchange rate conversions but that is another story!)

I have been using an IIF file to import sales receipts previously but this is now what I think is causing my problem.  The imported receipts don't have a currency associated with them in the 'Payments to deposit' currency selection drop down list and when I try to deposit these payments I get "the transaction doesn't balance..." message.  My question is, is there a field I can use in the import to tell the import that the transactions are in Australian Dollars or UK Pounds?

I have manually entered sales receipts and am able to deposit these without any problems and they default to AUD$.

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    Hi Lisa,

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    Unfortunately, the basis for the import file (from the Help menu) does not cater for Multi-currency.

    Aside from manually adjusting the entries, the only other option is to contact our Software Development Partners (SDK) if they have a tool that you can peruse to accomplish what you need.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Jamaiel

    Thanks for your reply.  I have worked out that if I go into a Sales Receipt and delete the customer and then re-enter the customer it does populate the Currency field in the bank deposits screen for those sales receipts with Australia Dollar.  A bit of a pain but better than having to re-enter all the transactions manually.  I was wondering if importing the customer details first in the IIF file including the home currency would help but it doesn't sound like it would make any difference.

    Thanks again for your reply.

    Kind regards

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