IDEA : Bulk edit on chart of account or remove list limit.

SpillySpilly Member Posts: 212
edited December 2016 in Reckon One
Just thought i'd share the ignoring task of editing 'chart of accounts'. With the new design it takes 28 seconds to edit an account (which is not an Income Account loaded on the initial page) and return to the same point on the list to edit next account.

  • Remove list limit away.
  • If you are editing expense account, you should return to the expense list.
  • If you wish to keep page list limit (Load all data on in one sql request and use java to show/hide limits).
  • Have a editable list, click/edit/save list.
The current UI editing is painful, a task that could take 28 seconds has turn into a task which has taking 65 minutes...

Not to mention the ideas above would significantly reduce the requests back to the server, reducing the load.


  • RodRod Member Posts: 10
    edited December 2016
    It would be a good idea to speed up all data entry tasks within Reckon one
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