Problem Exporting from Reckon Accounts to Excel 2013

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We are having problems exporting to excel 2013, is this a problem in Reckon?


  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited ConsultantSally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant Accredited Partner Posts: 648
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    Hi Tricia, what exactly is happening when you export? Or try to export? Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] if you wish. Kind regards, Sally
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    Hi Tricia,

    It would be easier for other community members to help you if you provide some more information about the problem you are experiencing.

    Questions with useful details are more likely to receive a response.

  • Lenny BLenny B Member Posts: 1
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    I too am having difficulties with exporting to Excel. The exported file opens multiple instances of Excel as well as being quite slow to export.
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    Hi, I'm having the following problem exporting to Excel. The problem was present in Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2013 and is also present in the 2015 version.

    If I export a large report to an excel compatible format (about 1.5-2MB), then sometimes the report puts many lines together, i.e. newlines are missing in certain places.  Sometimes when this happens, the Excel spreadsheet opens with a popup window saying that the file was not loaded completely.  At other times, Excel opens normally but the bug is still present.  At other times there is no problem.

    This makes it difficult to compare reports from an older version of the program to a newer one when upgrading.  I use a file difference program to do this and the missing newlines cause it to report differences.  there are too many differences to go through them one by one.

    Whether this bug occurs seems to depend on a lot of things, for example, which of two otherwise seemingly identical reports you try to export, whether another report is open at the same time, whether the report has two pages or more, or only one, whether another report was open beforehand (even if it's closed at the moment), whether you press the mouse button on the taskbar (the report takes minutes to generate and in the meantime, the screen doesn't repspond), etc.  I'm not 100% sure about the last one but it seems to make a difference.

    EDIT: Here is some more info:

    OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit fully up to date

    Computer specs: Intel 2nd gen Core i5, 6GB RAM, 1TB HDD

    Software: Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2013 or Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2015 (only one or the other installed at any one time)

    Excel version: Office 365 Home Premium

  • Mark RichardsonMark Richardson Member Posts: 9
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    Liron did you receive a response to your problem (your request appeared to be full of "useful details").

    I have just upgraded to both REckon Accounts Premier 2015 and Office 2013/365 from Office 2007. Now exporting from a Reckon Accounts report takes many minutes instead of seconds - smaller reports used to export almost instantaneously.

    PS I assume this is a Reckon Accounts - compatibility issue
  • Mark RichardsonMark Richardson Member Posts: 9
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    Update - on my recent and 1st comment.

    My multi class Reckon Accounts Profit & Loss Prior Year Comparison report has just completed after over 20 minutes of exporting to Excel 2013 (it use to take no more than a couple of minutes). 

    On the bright side it gave me time to research the problem on the Internet (unfortunately no obvious solution) and research ALTERNATIVES TO RECKON ACCOUNTS including Cloud based applications such as XERO.

    Perhaps I'll get a quicker response than none for 10 months
  • Liron LightwoodLiron Lightwood Member Posts: 7
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    No I haven't received any replies.  Please note that I had problems with Personal Plus, which is personal software, so maybe that's why.

  • Liron LightwoodLiron Lightwood Member Posts: 7
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    If you look at the top of the group, it says "Doesn't need an answer".  How do you go about changing that????

    There is also a ME TOO button at the top.  If more people click that button then maybe there will be some action.

  • Mark RichardsonMark Richardson Member Posts: 9
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    I figured that was probably the case.  

    I think it affects all similar Reckon Products, given that we use Reckon Premier and now this problem has added 40 minutes to our monthly reporting process. :(
  • Mark RichardsonMark Richardson Member Posts: 9
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    The inability to change the status, is probably a feature (for Reckon).

    I have clicked ME TOO, but not holding my breath.

    Probably the best approach will be posting the issue on Reckons Facebook page
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    Yes, but didn't seem to work for Liron re his comment posted a month later.
  • Mark RichardsonMark Richardson Member Posts: 9
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    Liron - Regarding the "Doesn't need an answer" status, it appears to be because this discussion initiated by Tricia was not set up as a "Problem".

    I have now created a new Problem discussion called "Continuing Problem Exporting from Reckon Accounts to Excel 2013" and referenced it to this discussion. 

    I hope you don't mind, I have quoted your comment details in the new Problem discussion.
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    Mark and others.....

    See if the post at that other more recent article carrying on this topic, assists:

    Gary Pope
    An Accredited Partner- Consultant  (VIC. Aust)
    "Working with Accountants/Bookkeepers PPs/APs, as an
          independent IT Professional
    and retired FCPA Accountant"

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