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Lyn DuffyLyn Duffy Member Posts: 7
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I have just started using Reckon 14 Hosted and to-day tried to email a supplier remittance.  Was told by support that this can't be done.  Is this so and if so I will need to go back to Enterprise Desktop.  Thanks.


  • A Balancing ActA Balancing Act Member Posts: 99
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    Hi Lyn, I just emailed a whole bunch of Supplier Remittances out of hosted last week.  The thing to remember is that Reckon Hosted is just that, it's not "your" computer that you're operating from.  So the email will come from Accounts hosted (Here is an exact paste - From: [email protected] ), however if your Supplier clicks REPLY. the response will come to whatever email you have set up in your Company Information.  

    I hope this helps.  If you would like some one on one support I would be happy to assist.  If you're not in Brisbane it's easy to work via telephone or remote login.  

    A Balancing Act
    [email protected]

  • Heather KennedyHeather Kennedy Member Posts: 5
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    Hi Lyn,

    Sorry to hear you have been given the wrong information over the phone. You can definitely email remittances from Hosted. I do it successfully all the time. From the Supplier Centre click on the Email button and then choose "Email Supplier Remittance". Something to look forward to is the release about to come out any day now will allow you to customise your Remittance Template like any other template, so you can add in Logo's  etc to the Remittance. 
    Regards, Heather Kennedy,
    K.I.S. Accounting Systems
    (Accredited Consultant Reckon)

  • Fiona OgilvieFiona Ogilvie Member Posts: 4
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    it is very confusing for customers with this generic email address and looks unprofessional we are not happy with this either. Sick of explaining this to each customer its getting to the point of embarrassing 
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