Reckon Accounts Business Short Cut Keys

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Hey Guys,

Here is a list of standard short cut keys within Reckon Accounts.

Note: Within the Hosted Environment browser shortcut commands take precedent.

To suppress the desktop windows (at Open Company window)    Alt (while opening)
Product Information Screen    Ctrl + 1 or F2
Record (when black border is around OK, Next, or Prev button)    ESC
Record (always)    Ctrl + Enter
Activate by Phone screen    Ctrl F12 or Ctrl + 3
Tech Help screen    Ctrl+1 then Ctrl+2
Exit    Alt+F4
Help Window   
Display Help in context    F1
Select next option or topic    Tab
Select previous option or topic    Shift + Tab
Next day    + (plus key)
Previous day    - (minus key)
Today    T
First day of the Week     W
Last day of the Week     K
First day of the Month    M
Last day of the Month    H
First day of the Year      Y
Last day of the Year      R
Date calendar    Alt + down arrow
Delete character to left of insertion point    Backspace
Copy.....    Ctrl + C
Delete line from detail area    Ctrl + Del
Edit transaction selected in register    Ctrl + E
Insert line in detail area    Ctrl + Ins
New.....    Ctrl + N
Paste.....    Ctrl + V
Cut.....    Ctrl + X
Nothing to do    Ctrl + Y
Delete character to right of insertion point    Del
Increase cheque or other form number by one      + (plus key)
Decrease cheque or other form number by one    - (minus key)
Undo changes made in a field    Ctrl + Z
FastFill and Recall (type first few letters of name and press Tab, name fills in)    abc Tab
Account list, display    Ctrl + A
Delete cheque, invoice, transaction, or item from list    Ctrl + D
Edit lists or registers    Ctrl + E
Find transaction    Ctrl + F
Go to register of transfer account    Ctrl + G
History of A/R or A/P transaction    Ctrl + H
Invoice, create    Ctrl + I
Customer Centre    Ctrl + J
List (for current field), display    Ctrl + L
Memorise transaction or report    Ctrl + M
Copy transaction in register    Ctrl + O
Print    Ctrl + P
FastReport on transaction or list item    Ctrl + Q
Register, display    Ctrl + R
Show list    Ctrl + S
Memorised transaction list, display    Ctrl + T
Use list item    Ctrl + U
Paste copied transaction in register    Ctrl + V
Write Cheque    Ctrl + W
Transaction journal, display    Ctrl + Y
FastZoom on Report    Enter
Help in context, display    F1
Refresh Report    F5
Moving around a window
Line below in detail area or on report    Arrow Down
Report column to the left    Arrow Left
Report column to the right    Arrow Right
Line above in detail area or on report    Arrow Up
Previous word in field    Ctrl + Left Arrow
Next word in field    Ctrl + Right Arrow
Customer Centre    Ctrl + J
Last item on list or next month in register    Ctrl + Page Down
First item on list or previous month in register    Ctrl + Page Up
Next word in field    Ctrl + Right Arrow
End of current field    End
Close active window    Esc or Ctrl + F4
Beginning of current field    Home
Down one screen    Page Down
Up one screen    Page Up
Previous field    Shift + Tab
Next field    Tab


  • KarenKaren Member Posts: 86
    edited August 2016
    Thank you Mirko :)
  • Larissa BaileyLarissa Bailey Member Posts: 10
    edited January 2017
    If only the editing would work. If I use backspace it enters in a rectangle symbol; I have to highlight the whole word to type over it. AND if I edit or delete text eg in an invoice it no longer allows me to tab thru screens ie each time I hit tab it goes through the windows that I have open rather than to the next field of the invoice. So frustrating. I have to log out and back in every time just so the tab function starts working again!
  • Julie CroslandJulie Crosland Member Posts: 4
    edited September 2014
    Since the upgrade if we have not been successful in using Internet Explorer, so now have to use Google Chrome.  Not all the short cut keys work anymore. Example: Write Cheque    Ctrl + W, Memorised transaction list, display    Ctrl + T, New.....    Ctrl + N.  These are shortcuts I can no longer use.
  • ARC BookKeepingARC BookKeeping Member Posts: 277
    edited September 7
    Hi Julie and Larissa,

    As Mirko said...

    "Note: Within the Hosted Environment browser shortcut commands take precedent."

  • Larissa BaileyLarissa Bailey Member Posts: 10
    edited August 2016
    What I'm referring to doesn't relate to shortcuts (though that also drives me crazy now that the browser shortcut commands take precedent in the hosted environment). I'm talking about delete and backspace which was referred to above under Editing. Regardless, I've been using Chrome the last couple of hours which appears to be better but so much wasted time is experienced now with this new version. Seems most functions I use (and I've been using QB for 14 years) seems to have difficulties in some way :(
  • Jason HollisJason Hollis Reckon Staff Posts: 616 ✭✭
    edited December 2016

    Yes, this was posted primarily for our desktop users, and we have quite a few..

    For those experiencing shortcut issues in Hosted please use the correct thread so we can address directly.



  • Cathi PCathi P Member Posts: 23
    edited September 2014
    Which is the correct thread then? The post is tagged as 'New Hosted", so it would seem reasonable to post about shortcuts or key usages mentioned in Mirko's post.

    I'd love to see a similar list fully mapped for Mac users, as some of the shortcuts don't seem to work for us. Off the top of my head, I know Ctrl + Del doesn't delete a line for me, I have to mouse to the menu. There are others too, but they aren't coming to mind at the moment.
  • Jason HollisJason Hollis Reckon Staff Posts: 616 ✭✭
    edited December 2016

    Hi Cathi,

    We will look at removing the hosted tag - we just added the tag as most shortcuts are applicable in hosted. The primary tag is 'Accounts'. Sorry for any confusion.

    Please feel free to start a new thread re shortcut problems or shortcuts for mac users which will direct community members to a post that better reflects issues they are experiencing or questions they may have re Mac shortcuts for example. 

    This was in essence a 'helpful hints' post. Again, sorry for any confusion.



  • Priscilla OgnenisPriscilla Ognenis Member Posts: 103
    edited September 2014
    Yes me too!  I am trying to type a message in an email but it won't allow me to change a simple word or sentence, it highlights the whole lot so I will lose the original message, & the space bar won't work so now can't space the words in my message!!!
  • Lori NotmanLori Notman Member Posts: 15
    edited August 2015
    Another Short cut for bank data running in the background - Alt + Page Up
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