Adding new customer with Last Name, Firstname format in Customer Name

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Is it possible to add the function that formats Lastname, Firstname in the Customer Name (supplier name) when it is added below in the Firstname and Lastname fields. Currently it formats in the order Firstname Lastname, and thus is not in alphabetical order in the customer list. This is a standard function in most other software databases of this kind, including major competitors. It would save time double entering in these fields.


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    Hi Steelspan,

    Thanks for asking the Reckon Community.

    The Customer Name is a single field on the Customer Record and it is this field that shows in the Customer Name pane of the Customer Centre, and it will be shown alphabetically how it is entered there.  Further differentiation can be obtained in reports that access the Firstname and Lastname fields of the record, and there you can sort by either First or Last name.  

    It's a good idea and I've added this to Help > Suggest New Features so that our developers can take it into consideration in their normal cycle of product development.


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