How do I add a supplier /customer whilst in a transaction? My current software allows a quick add.

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How do I add a supplier /customer whilst in a transaction.? My current software allows me to do a quick add.


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    In most transaction just type the new name in and if it's not in the list it will bring up add new screen, also there is add new in the list. however there is an issue when working from a bank import it won't allow you to add new (I don't think they have fixed this yet) so you have to do those transaction manually then go back to your bank import for the time being.
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    Does the use of a 2nd browser TAB being opened (for making new entries in the 2nd, for use by the 1st TAB) , help this latter aspect?

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    Yes, the problem is from the bank import. Thanks for your help Tim.
  • SpillySpilly Member Posts: 212
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    A 2nd Tab can be used and must be used in below order as it seems the contact list is preloaded on the allocation page ( for a faster UI ).

    Create new tab: Right click 'CONTACTS' (top right of the menu bar) > open in new tab.
    1. Contact Tab > Add missing contact > Save & Close (or new if you wish).
    2. Import Tab > Allocate > Type (Payment etc.)
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    Hi Paul, Tim and Gary,

    Thanks for pointing this one out.

    Yes, this feature is scheduled for a future update in Reckon One.


  • ScottScott Reckon Staff Posts: 131
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    Hi guys,

    Just an update to this thread. This issue is now fixed.

  • Paul GrayPaul Gray Member Posts: 11
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    Hi Scott,
    Thats Fantastic news- thanks for the update.
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