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Could you please advise, when I create an estimate. Should I be entering the Retail prices here (what Im quoting the customer) or do I enter what I estimate the costs to be? Im looking at the Job Estimtes vs Job Actual reports and The amounts that I have entered in the estimate are appearing in the estimate revenue and the estimated cost columns. Clearly this is not correct. What am I doing wrong?


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    Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for asking the Reckon Community.

    Job Estimates are structured just like an Invoice but do not impact on your accounts.  They can be converted to Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, but only when converted to Invoices will they form part of your accounts.  

    Its best to use an Estimate template that shows a Markup column.  If your item has a Cost Price for purchases and a Sell Price for Sales, then the percentage difference between the two will be posted as a percentage in the Markup column.  Your Sales Price will appear in the Total column. If you want to apply a different mark up you can overwrite the amount.

    If you do not have a Sales Price but have a Cost Price, no markup will be displayed.  Just add one to calculate your sales price for this transaction.

    If you have no Cost Price all entries will be 0.00 or blank.  

    Hope this helps,


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