How do I fast add individual transactions in the Match Transactions Screen?

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My guess the answer for large statement imports is to forget using Reckon Hosted, and just add a balancing item. Does anyone have a different view? I am importing a large statement. Reckon says there are 147 transactions that must be matched individually as they cannot be matched to the register after using "Add Multiple..." in the match transactions screen and have unrecognised payees. This takes a very long time to do individually (and most of this time is waiting for the Reckon screen to refresh - ie it seems to be mainly related to Reckon not allocating sufficient CPU resources). I timed six transactions from "Add One to Register" button click, "Fast Add", "Supplier", "OK", wait for Reckon to refresh..., allocate Account, until final "Record" click. It takes an average of 64 seconds to complete each entry (14, 10, 80, 114, 83, 86 secs each) - for the remaining 141 transactions that's 2.5hrs of straight screen concentration to enter them individually - which is obviously ridiculous. I can see many of the transactions relate to the same Payee category (eg Supplier) and Account (eg Misc expenses) - is there a way I can fast add? Otherwise I think I'll just have to put in a balancing item and not add statement items individually.


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    Hi Malcolm,

    I have tested the above scenario and it should not take that long to allocate a transaction inside the online banking centre. I did do a test with a statement that had around 50 transactions and that seemed to be fine. My only thoughts is that if you have a very large QIF file containing a larger amount of transactions then it could be a problem as you are experiencing.

    Lets say for example you have a QIF file with 600 transactions and 450 of them become automatically matched and left with 150 to manually do. Each time you are allocating the transaction the software may be scanning through the 600 transaction QIF file and then allocating the correct transaction. The larger the file - the longer it will take.

    Unfortunately I do not have a QIF file with that many transactions to test with but I am sure if you tested with a smaller batch QIF file then it would be much quicker than what you explained above.

    If importing QIF files in smaller batches still does not assist you we can provide you with an Enterprise license for a desktop version of Reckon Accounts to do this procedure and you can upload the file back onto hosted (technical support can guide you on this).

    Lastly I'd have to mention that hosted does rely on your internet connection having a decent speed and it being stable.

    If you can try to import a smaller batch of transactions and let me know how that goes it would be much appreciated!

    Kind regards,
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    Thanks Alex for your thoughtful comments. I guess I'll get to this on the w/e. I'll get back to you after I've tried your suggestions.
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