Reckon Accouncement RE: Hosted 'No Terminal Server' message.

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Dear customers,

We have received reports that customers are getting a 'No terminal Server is available' message when trying to log into reckon Hosted.This is affecting AU and NZ customers.

Our IT and Development team are investigating this as a matter of priority.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to resume service ASAP.

Further updates will be made here.




  • StevenHelen ThompsonStevenHelen Thompson Member Posts: 10
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    We brought this to Reckons Attention Friday afternoon about 3 pm est And was told it was our IP they said it wasnt and told me to get back in touch with you guys after 2 hours of phone calls and doing the same speed check numerous times I was then told  our computers  had  a problem even though every other program we use was working perfectly by this time it was 5.30 so we just gave up and went home .Saturday Morning we came in and all was good? but today we got this message on both terminals however since then mine/user1 has logged on but user2 still cannot ?? If someone had listened on Friday instead of treating me and talking to me like a moron this maybe would have been resolved before opening the doors today. 
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    Hi StevenHelen,

    I sincerely apologise for the earlier experience in relation to reporting the issues you were experiencing.

    We've received confirmation the 'No Terminal Server' issue affecting Reckon Accounts Hosted has been resolved.

    Our IT team will be closely monitoring load on the network to ensure no further disruptions but if you do experience any further trouble with access please get in touch with our Technical Support team as soon as possible.

    Apologies again for the inconvenience and frustration caused.
  • Kathryn McMasterKathryn McMaster Member Posts: 13
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    This is happening again this morning with no support available at 7am.  When can we expect this to be fixed.  This is extremely frustrating.
  • Alex AlexandrouAlex Alexandrou Reckon Staff Posts: 23
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    Hi Kathryn,

    We're really sorry this is occurring.

    Our technicians are working to rectify this immediately. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and frustration caused.


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