Invoices not showing Item but showing Type

Stephen BalsonStephen Balson Member Posts: 38
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After the update a couple of days ago, when you print an invoice you get under the Item column, the type - either Product or Service and not the actual Item.

Screenshot from the Invoice:


Screenshot from the Print of the Invoice:



  • Stephen BalsonStephen Balson Member Posts: 38
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    I've just checked one of my old invoices and it showed Product/service under Item in the printed invoice. So it's not new after the update.Maybe that's the way it is meant to be. The heading if Item through me as I thought it should be that same as the actual invoice.
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    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the alert on this one.  There has been no change in the invoice templates and as you have found the invoice was displayed the same way before the update.

    I've put this on our suggestions list for our developers to consider in their product development cycle.  

  • Deborah KingDeborah King Member Posts: 17
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    This has been happening to me and reported it under another heading more then three weeks ago. This issue has been know to me since I started using Reckon One from mid July. This is clearly an error and should be corrected. Why would the item name display on the screen version and switch to type on the PDF. Really what would then be the point of setting up items and not being able to display them on an invoice to clients.

    Text from previous post:

    The second part of my question relates to the PDF. Seems that the item column is picking up the product type field instead of the item name. In the first field I would have expected the item field to read, General maintenance and the line below Herbicide. When I open an invoice online I see the item name however when the invoice is converted to a PDF and clicking Send via email the field content changes to field type. For me it would be more useful to have the item name on the invoice. At first when I saw this I felt must be an error, it might be the correct thing to do but in my Reckon Easy Start 2013 desk top application it uses the item description. 

  • QwertyQwerty Member Posts: 405
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    Hi Guys,

    The issue regarding the item column on the PDF showing the item type (i.e. product or service) instead of the item name is fixed in the 19/10/15 Reckon One update.

  • Deborah KingDeborah King Member Posts: 17
    edited October 2015
    Very happy with the new invoice module in Reckon One, looks great, I don't need a lot of customization, just something that looks professional and reflects well on my business. Thank you.
  • Stephen BalsonStephen Balson Member Posts: 38
    edited October 2015
    Thank you for fixing this. The invoice look a lot better a well. Good work.
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