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Hi everyone!

As part of our ever evolving cloud software Reckon One, we are pleased to advise we have added new functionality in our most recent update on October 19.

Check out the new features available in our first phase of invoice customisation below.

Reckon One users will now be able to show or hide certain sections of the invoice template.

This can be found by navigating -
Administration menu > General settings > Day to day > Selling > Invoices > Manage templates > Select a template (either Standard or Professional) & specify the settings you want to show/hide.


Other template improvements include:
  • The template logo area has increased from 118 by 99px to 470 by 125px
  • The item column now shows the item name instead of the item type
  • Two new columns (Project & Account) are available to show/hide 
  • The template now shows page numbering in the footer
  • The invoice templates have a new design

Some things to note regarding logos:
  1. The allocated logo area on the invoice template is 470px by 125px (previously this was 118px by 99px).
  2. The Professional template displays the logo on the left side of the invoice header. 
    The Standard template displays the logo on the right side of the invoice header.
  3. When using an image which is smaller than the dimensions listed in point 1 (470 by 125px), Reckon One will retain the image dimensions. 

    Small image example:image
  4. When using an image which is larger than the dimensions listed in point 1 (470 by 125px), Reckon One will resize the image proportionally (retaining the aspect ratio) so that the image will fit the allocated logo area of the invoice template. 

    Large image example:image
  5. If you have a square image where the height is taller than 125px, Reckon One will resize the image to 125 by 125px. 

    Large square example:image
  6. Reckon One allows for a single image file (*.bmp, *.png, *.jpg, *.gif) with a size of 2MB or less to be attached to an invoice template. If you would like to include multiple logos then you will need to manually create a single image file (using an image editor) which
    includes the required logos. 
    Multi-logo example:


  • Sarah ElliottSarah Elliott Member Posts: 1
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    Great job with the auto resizing  =)
  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2015
    The logo is great but the wording on the invoice is now unreadable! Help!!! My client is not happy! Thanks
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