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Q personal plus 2007

pldpld Member Posts: 3
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I have been using Q personal plus 2007 on a win vista and it is working fine. I have also installe d another authorized version on a machine with win 7 which was working fine until I upgraded to win 10. I had to re-install Quicken and it works fine too. But when I back-up it only backs up the QDF file. When I back up on the win vista machine it backs up 5 files - HCX,IDX,QDF,QEL,andQPH
When I try to restore from the win 10 machine, the vista machine says that there are 4 files missing. Any help would be appreciated.


  • gazza73gazza73 Accredited Partner Posts: 990 ✭✭
    edited February 2017

    First things first.   Those 'missing 4' file types:  HCX  IDX  QEL  and  QPH.   Have you performed a Windows search across the enter C: drive in case they are being backed up to a different location?

    To make  life easiest,  make sure you have organised folder VIEWS to stop 'hiding' registered file types,  in order to see the ".xxx"  (full-stop + FILE TYPE) at the end of every  short filename.

    In the short term,  to migrate the 5 files form one machine to the the other,  or to do at least SOME secure archiving,   I'd suggest you simply obtain say:  3x  memory sticks of different colors,  and inside them  create a date-named folder like  yyyy-mm-dd-Quicken_backup   and make distinct COPIES and (paste) of the live files over into those folder.  3x  sets so that you rotate them one after the other each day, to cover yourself against losing or destroying one.

    Now, to the real problem,     You are suggesting that in a WIN10 enviornment (versus  a Vista or WIn7 environment,  that the internal Quicken Personal Plus 2007 program fails to backup all 5 sets of files.   Let's see if anybody on the Community can verify successful 'backups'  using WIN10 of that older 2007 version of Quicken Personal Plus  2007.

    FOOTNOTE:  After writing this,  I went back to read very carefully, your fist forum post.  You use the words:   "When I try to restore from the win 10 machine...."

    Can you clarify which machine you are using to MAKE the backup,
    and which machine you are trying to RESTORE such backs ONTO.
    I'm unsure which direction you are doing this migration.   AT first I just assume you're moving forward to newer versions,  but the way you write your question, I'm now wondering if you are trying to revert BACK TO the older Vista/WIn7 system

  • pldpld Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2015
    Thank you Gary for your reply.I have already being doing as you suggested in simply copying the files from one computer to the other and this works.I have also now found all 5 file types in the "Quicken automatic backup" folder (on both machines). As you have noticed, I am migrating both ways for various reasons which are not essential.So is  my problem the backwards migration to the vista OS? If this is the case, I will simply change my work habits. Regards and thank you for your help.  PLD
  • pldpld Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2015
    I have been using another folder for my backups successfully until win 10 for the reason that the quicken automatic backup is only performed weekly. PLD
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