Exporting Supplier Information and Transactional data from one Company File to new Company File

Amelia ToddAmelia Todd Member Posts: 29
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I've been using one company file for 3 businesses that shared financial records. I am planning to sell one of the businesses and so I would like to create a new company file, and export the related supplier details, transactions and items from the old file into the new file.
I am running ReckonAccounts Accounting: Small Business Edition 2013 so don't have the option to import a .csv.

Can someone please explain to me how I would be able to get the data from one file to the other?

Thank you! 


  • Sandra LothianSandra Lothian Member Posts: 13
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    Hi Amelia

    Files / Lists / Import or Export files to IIF files.  You can use this for all your lists but I am unaware of a way to transfer transactions.  I don't believe this is possible and you probably shouldn't be doing it anyway if you are starting a new company file.  I think it would be best to only bring over your GL balances and historical entries for AP and AR. 
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