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Reckon One Enhancements (22 January 2016)

RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,747 Administrator
edited August 27 in Reckon One
Hi everyone,

As part of our ever evolving cloud software Reckon One, we are pleased to advise we have a number of enhancements and fixes which are now live!

These include;

Cost of Goods Sold tab in Chart of Accounts
An additional tab has been added to the Chart of Accounts screen for COGS type accounts.


Manage invoice templates directly via an invoice
You can now manage invoice templates directly from an invoice itself.


Copy custom roles to other books on your account
You can now copy any custom role(s) you have set up in your book to other books on your account.


Default email text
New books will now have default generic email text populated for invoices, customer adjustment notes, bills & activity statements.


Role audit history
Audit history has been added to the roles screen. The history will show the date when the role has been modified & also which user modified the role.


Additional time & expense reports
Users who have the Reckon One Time & Expense module can now access the expense claim transactions report.

Users who have both the medium Time & Expense module and the Invoicing module can now access the uninvoiced transactions report.




    • BradleyBradley Member Posts: 4
      edited February 2017
      Hello Rav
      All these improvements are good.
      Just wondering how our timeline for getting classes added is going.
      Originally it was going to be Xmas 2015 but on asking last week the timeline was now unknown.
      I know this is holding back a number of opportunities where clients want and need this functionality.
      Can you advise of the current planned implementation.
      Thank you
    • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,747 Administrator
      edited December 2016
      Thanks for your question Bradley,

      Let me get some clarity around this from the Reckon One team and I'll come back to you

    • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,747 Administrator
      edited December 2016
      Hi again Bradley, The release of the classes functionality has been slightly delayed. It is most certainly still on the roadmap for inclusion in a future release. Unfortunately, I can't provide any timeframes just yet but I'll keep you updated as soon as I receive any further information. Thanks for your patience Rav
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