Delete unallocated transactions after manual bank import?

Leesa WardLeesa Ward Member Posts: 3
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Hi Reckon Community,

I'm a brand new Reckon One user, and have just imported a QIF file. I can't seem to find any way to delete unallocated transactions that I do not wish to allocate (e.g. personal expenses put on the same credit card as business expenses). Can this be done?



  • SpillySpilly Member Posts: 212
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    They are removed once the next import is done. In other words ignore them. It is a short coming of the product, which i am sure they will fix in time.
  • Chris PChris P Member Posts: 48
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    Hey Leesa,
    I had the same trouble. Like Tim said, you can wait until next reconcile but if that is not acceptable to you - as it was not for me (a little OCD:)
    If they are annoying you now you can upload a .qif with no information in it (go onto your bank and select a date range with no transactions and download the .qif. Then upload it - It will clear the last upload. Then you can do it manually. Then you will always have to do it manually - unless you get a second credit card for personal use.
    Cheers Chris!
  • Linda DamonLinda Damon Member Posts: 12
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    Hi Leesa the correct way to handle these expenses in accounting terms, and so that your reconciliation is complete, is simply to create an 'equity' type account/category called 'personal drawings' and allocate these transactions to that no GST etc. this way all of your actual card transactions can be ticked off for the reconciliation and your opening balance will be correct next time AND these amounts will not interfere with your Profit & Loss Reports and GST Reports. Hope this helps. Regards Linda
  • Leesa WardLeesa Ward Member Posts: 3
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    Thanks so much for the quick replies everyone!

    It's a relief that they will go away when I next do an import, as my main concern was ending up with a year's worth of old personal transactions sitting there getting in the way. Great tip about uploading an empty .qif Chris!

    I think in my case allocating them to a drawings account might be overkill but I'll certainly keep that in mind Linda, especially if I have issues with the opening balances.

    Thanks again!
  • Ren√®eRen√®e Alumni Posts: 21
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    Hi Leesa,

    As mentioned above both options are viable workarounds for you at this point. Being able to delete the transactions has been acknowledged as a wanted feature and is definitely on the radar for a near future reckon one release.
  • Glenn WilkinsonGlenn Wilkinson Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks Leesa and Chris, appreciate your OCD. Love the work around. Shame on you Reckon - a simple delete transaction button - seriously are you guys using this product or not.
  • PaulPaul Member Posts: 2
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    Both Options are indeed viable workarounds but that doesn't change the fact it is a poor design. I have duplicates which I've accidentally added in a period of missing transactions and to go so much trouble to delete them is counter intuitive. The fact I've come to find a 5 month old thread and a simple fix like a delete button hasn't been implemented doesn't give me high hopes about Reckon one.
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