How best to record - a reverse takeover and/or a name change

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I'm using Reckon Personal Accounts 2015.   

What is the preferred method of recording a Reverse Takeover?   I have shares in one company; they went through a capital raising, which I participated in, and as of tomorrow, their name changes to another ASX ticker code.

I've browsed my existing investment transactions and have noticed where I changed the name of some other companies (using Reckon's Name Change option from within the Share Investment data entry screen) that there is no reference to the old name.   That is, the original purchase of shares 10 years ago is recorded against the new name.

Any advice appreciated.



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    Anyone from Reckon care to comment? 
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    Hi Steven,

    Although I'm not an expert in this area from my observations there is only one field for the security name so when you rename it all references to it in the file will be renamed.

    A possible workaround, and I recognise this is not a perfect solution, is if you wish to retain the past transactions in the old name, you will need to sell the shares today and use the proceeds to purchase the new shares.
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    Thanks Rav.
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