How can i export the supplier payment data with Bank & Payment details?

sureshsuresh Member Posts: 1
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I have an bunch of Supplier payment data with Expenses account head, Hence i like to export that bill payment data with Bill data & Bank data - How can i done with this process


  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,428 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Suresh

    What are you trying to do exactly? Do you need to import information into your banking software to pay bills?

  • Jess PatelJess Patel Member Posts: 1
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    Are you able to create files to pay bills on Reckon one? We are currently using Reckon Accounts Hosted and use this to create a file which is then uploaded to the bank. 
  • QwertyQwerty Member Posts: 405
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    Hi Jess, Reckon One currently doesn't have the functionality to create ABA files. As you mentioned Reckon Accounts does have this functionality.
  • QwertyQwerty Member Posts: 405
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    Hi Suresh, Further to Kevins comments you might also want to list the application that you are using.
  • QwertyQwerty Member Posts: 405
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    10/05/2016 Hi Jess, The functionality to generate ABA files has now been released into Reckon One in the 08/04/2016 application update.
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